Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mural painting reflection

I think the qualities necessary in order to do a good job in the painting is

Teamwork,I think that this is the most important quality as it will help us bond with our peers and other teamates.This will also help us gain friendship between each other,so that we can gian each others trust and the job can be done faster.

Responsibility,I think this is also necessary so that we can have our job done.As we need to be responsible for what we are doing both in life and studies.Responsibility is important as if we were told to do something we must be responsible and do it and not just give some lame reasons and not do it.

Determination,is also needed to finish the got as we need to be determine that we can finish a job on time and on tast.This quality also can help us both in life and studies.

The mural painting help the CCA group to build teamwork so we must work together in order to get the job done and we can bond together by doing so.

The part of the mural painting that I enjoyed the most is that I could work together with my peers,friends and CCAmates.


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