Friday, March 16, 2012

*NEW* Term 2 Duty List

Hi ICC Member/s!

Take note that the duty list has been changed. 

(Click the Image for bigger size)

Please do not be late.
Be responsible with your own duty =)
*No more changes is to be made :) 

I wish you will have a wonderful duty experience with your seniors/friends
-Time to play, we play. But time for work, we work.-

Lua Keng Koon

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Info Comm Club Camp

Hi guys, 
Are you guys ready for the camp? ;)

Here are the Confirmed Packing List:

Packing List for ICC camp (23rd Nov – 24th Nov 2011)

Reporting time on 23rd November: 9am
Dismissal Time on 24th November: 12 noon
(If you have not paid for the camp, please bring the $15 on the day itself.)

• 2 sets of clothes ( P.E, Camp, Class T-shirts with appropriate dark-coloured bottoms)
[ e.g P.e shorts(school) /Bermudas/ Long pants] for day-time activities]
• 2 set of home clothes ( only t-shirts with own bottoms ) for night 
• 2-3 sets of undergarments
• Sweater/jacket (optional)
• A pair of slippers/sandals 
• An extra pair of socks
• A pair of proper shoes (used throughout the camp during activities)
• Bathing Towel
• Sleeping bag/ Blanket (optional)(advisable)

Others (compulsory):
- Toiletries (comb, tooth brush/paste, facial wash, soap & shampoo, deodorant) 
- One water bottle 
- Personal Medications (plaster, medicine, ointments & etc…) 
- Plastic bags (for wet or dirty clothing) 
- Tissue/ Face towel

- Women’s personal hygiene
- Torch Light 
- Spectacles & casing 
- Contact lens & casing

- On the 23rd November, you are to have your own breakfast. On the 24th November, no lunch is provided. 
- Money, wallet, cell phones or any electronic devices ( will be kept by teachers-in-charge)
- Kindly assemble in canteen by 9a.m on 23rd Nov
- The camp is compulsory ( those unable to attend will need to provide a/an MC or evidence/letter showing you are overseas)

Looking forward to your attendance and let’s make the camp a SUCCESS together. Enjoy yourselves and sleep early before ICC camp. Many exciting activities arranged for you. :)

*DO remember to have your breakfeast! 
Breakfeast is not provided :)

-Lua Keng Koon

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SYPA 2012 is coming!!!

SYPA 2012 (Singapore Youth Photographer Award) is coming again. Start taking and collecting photographs based on the following theme:

A. Abstract

B. Architecture/Buildings

C. Children at play

D. People at work

E. Portrait(s)

F. Nature

G. Still Life

H. Night Scene
Photographs can be taken in Singapore or elsewhere. You need at least 6 photographs from 4 categories to participate!!! Take as many as you can to pick the best 6.
Photographs must be recent and you can use all the skills that you learnt in school and outside (HDR, Long exposure, Creativity, etc).
Just ensure that you take pictures in the highest resolution that you can as photos will be printed in 8R sized for submission.
It can be a phone camera, compact camera or an DSLR!!!
So start taking and collecting your masterpieces now!!!
Singapore Youth Photographer Award Site
Mr Lam

Friday, September 23, 2011

Checkout the photos taken by this photographer.

They are simply stunning!!!

Tomato Photography

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Term 4 Duty List :D

Hi Club!

Take note that the duty list has been changed.
Please dun be late. ^^
*No more changes is to be made :)

Keng Koon (Brav0 Leader)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Unleashing the Power of Photoshop

All members are highly encouraged to participate in the UNLEASHING THE POWER OF PHOTOSHOP 3RD YOUNG PHOTOSHOP GURU AWARD 2011 organized by adamsapple.

Interested participants to see Ms Nurmin, Mr Ho or myself for registration by Wednesday, 17th August 2011.

The aim is to encourage youth to display your creativity and talent in Photoshop. Also, to reinforce awareness and creating an experience where you will explore in the multimedia realm.

The competition theme is "Expressions of Compassion". Compassion is a powerful emotion enough to console, motivate and alleviate adversities. Do express compassion in the form of digital art.

All entries must be original Photoshop creations with no watermarks, signatures or other identifying marks.

Please submit your entries with these requirements:

- Name of File

- 2 Formats: 1 PSD and 1 JPEG

- PSD file must contain ALL working layers, artwork NOT flattened

- Artwork size should be in 420mm x 594mm (A2).

- Landscape or Potrait must be (less than) < 1GB (150ppi)

Dateline: Wednesday, 24th August 2011 at 5.30pm.

Save your entry in thumbdrive and give softcopy to Ms Nurmin, Mr Ho or myself.

Attractive prizes to be won! Grab this opportunity and apply what you have learnt as you are equipped with Photoshop skills.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Schedule for National Day Rehearsals and Actual Day

Hi all,

This is the schedule for National Day Celebrations for concert at hall on 8th August.

Rehearsals: 3rd (3pm to 5pm) and 5th August (2.30pm to 4.30pm)
(Those on duty please be present half hour before the rehearsals to setup the equipment. Look for Ms Nurmin / Ms Ahny)

Person(s) in Charge
Time (inclusive of introduction of item)
Syazwan (and Nina-- to be confirmed) 
8.30 – 8.35
5 minutes
Ethnic Dance Item
Ms Haryani
8.35 – 8.45
10 minutes
International Students’ Sharing Part 1
Students from Korea sharing experiences in and thoughts on Singapore
- Kim Hyon Ju (1A2) will also perform a piano solo
Mrs Wong Ming Yi
8.45 – 8.55
10 minutes
Freestyle Dance Item
Lutfil (Talentime 2011 Winner)
Ms Joyce
8.55 – 9.05
10 minutes
International Students’ Sharing Part 2
Students from Hong Kong sharing experiences in and thoughts on Singapore
- Aggie Wu (2A3) will sing in Cantonese and English
Mrs Wong Ming Yi
9.05 – 9.15
10 minutes
National Day 2011 School Video
- of S1 collages, and interviews with S1 students on what the Singapore Spirit means to them
Mr Joe
9.15 – 9.25
10 minutes
Modern Dance Item
Ms Catherine
9.25 – 9.35
10 minutes
Sing-Along led by Talentime Runners-Up Hidayu and Insyirah leading, with 5 singers from the choir
3 Songs: Where I Belong, Home, Stand Up for Singapore
+ 2011 NDP Song: In A Heartbeat 
Ms Joyce

9.35 – 9.55
20 minutes
for all competitions that took place leading up to the day’s celebrations
Mrs Wong Ming Yi
9.55 – 10.15
20 minutes
Technical Support
Mr Lee, Ms Nurmin, Ms Ahny, Mr Victor, AV Team
Total Estimated Time:
1hr 45 mintues

Committee Members, please pass to Ms Nurmin or Mr Victor Lam the duty name list for event by this Friday and inform the duty members. Thank you!

Reminder: Use of school keys and AV duties matter

Dear members,

This is a reminder for every student doing AV duties (Morning duties, Hall Assemblies, etc) to do the following:

- Do only draw the keys (AV cabinet, Backstage, Control Room) out from the office no more than half hour before the duty starts.

- To go to the hall for AV duty 30 minutes before assembly starts. (unless you have a test or something very important during that time. Do inform your other duty members about it beforehand.)

- Inform ASAP to Mr Lee Liang Huat for any faulty equipment or additional equipment needed but not present. Alternatively let Mr Lee Kwei Wei or Mr Victor Lam know.

- Make sure all CDs and equipment are placed back to original location after use. (so that the next group on duty knows where to find them)

- Return the keys back to the drawer in the general office after everything is packed up. (DO NOT BRING HOME!!!)

We need all members to help make sure all these are done so that we are supporting one another.

Mr Lam

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portrait photography tips from YouTube

Hi all,

I'm sharing these videos from YouTube. Hopefully it will help you to take better portrait pictures.

Tips on portrait photography

Shooting groups in a studio

How to take great portrait shots