Friday, October 1, 2010

NYAA Diary Update

Sec 2 members,

As I have highlighted last week, the submission for updating the NYAA diary will be next Monday, 4th October.

Some of you have approached me to request for a longer dateline.

For those who have completed the updated diary, Well Done!! Just placed them in my pigeon hole.

For the others who are still working on it, I will extend the dateline to 20th October, after the exams and marking day. Since I have given you a longer period to complete, I expect you to record all of your involvement. If you are facing any difficulties, just approach me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New South Wales Competition

On 13 April 2010, 33 Media Club members participated in the International Computer Skills Competition New South Wales.

The competition covers computer skills which include word processing, graphics multimedia, spreadsheets databases skills. Congratulations to:

Our Distinctions. They are:

  1. Hasanah (2E1)
  2. Brandon Ng (2E1)
  3. Yeo Yi Wei (2E1)
  4. See Stanley (2E2)


Our Credits. They are:

  1. Yong Ting (2E1)
  2. Lim Jun Sheng (2E1)
  3. Nor Syazwan (2E2)
  4. Yeo Kenny (2E2)
  5. Andi Johan (2E2)
  6. Ashley (2E2)
  7. Nur Farah (2E3)
  8. Li Xiang (2E3)
  9. Bianca Tijiani (2A1)
  10. Micky Xu (2A1)
Well done!!

All Distinctions and Credits winners, please meet Ms Ahny on Friday at 7.30am outside General Office for the prize presentation during morning assembly.


All Sec 2 members,

As you are aware, we will be having NYAA Camp so that you can meet the Adventurous Journey section. It is a compulsory event. I will be giving you the consent forms at a later date.

Please take note of all the details.

1. To provide an outdoor exposure to our Sec 2 pupils from the performing groups and clubs
2. To provide opportunities for leadership development in the Sec 2s and extising Sec 3 Camp Leaders

Date: 18 & 19 November 2010

Time: 2 full days, residential

Venue: Damai (may be going out for 1 activity)

Camp Programme:
1. Team building games
2. Outdoor cooking
3. Tent pitching
4. Land "expedition"
5. Confidence building tests
6. Platform for leadership development

Filling up NYAA diary

All Sec 2 members,

These are the events that I have already put together for your convenience.





Hours Completed


(15 hours within 3 months)


27 March

Earth Hour Duty:

  1. Backstage
  2. Control Room
  3. Videographer (Mobile)
  4. Photographer

1.30pm to 10pm (follow your shift)


Own dates


Own timings

Adventurous Journey

(2 days outdoor)


18 & 19 November

Sec 2 NYAA Camp:

Venue: Damai (may be going out for 1 activity)

Camp programme: Team building games, outdoor cooking, tent pitching, land “expedition”, confidence building tests, platform for leadership development

2 days


(6 months from March to September)


4 March

Visit to First Media Design School

3 hours


29 March

New South Wales Training:


1. General skills

2. Word Processing skills

3. Graphics Multimedia

4. Internet Email

5. Spreadsheet Databases

6. Programming Scripting

Using the Assessment Framework to write what you have learnt and can apply in later date.

30 mins


1 April


5 April


8 April


12 April

1 hour


13 April

New South Wales Competition

45 mins


21 April

Visit to Creative Advertising in Nanyang Polytechnic

3 hours


24 May

Animation Workshop

5 hours


25 May

Animation Workshop

5 hours


26 May

ISPL Training

1 hour



IPW Training

Own timings


30 August

Hari Raya video:

1. Video project management skills

2. Shooting skills

3. Video editing skills

3 hours


31 August

3 hours


6 September

3 hours


7 September

3 hours


13 September

3 hours

Physical Recreation

(20 hours over 8 weeks)


5 April

Physical Training:

1. Jogging

2. Captains Ball

3 hours


23 June

Barbeque Gathering Games:

  1. Floorball
  2. Captains Ball

3 hours


12 August

Physical Training:

1. Badminton

3 hours

How to fill up the NYAA Diary:

Reflect on activities, record your thoughts and feelings as well as what you have learnt in the NYAA diary.

Example 1 (Service):
During the Earth Hour Event, I was in the Logistics
group and I learnt many things. Such things included values that are very useful in our daily lives. One of them was the value of respect.

Respect was a very important value being shown throughout the whole 9 hours in the event. Without respect, I would not have been able to listen to orders by the seniors-in-charge.

Without respect, co-operation can be a good alternative that I have used throughout the event too. Being in a team will help to reduce the time needed to keep things going, especially when we need to hold an important event, for the public.

Working as a team too can be a very fun thing to do. I learnt that it is also important for us to enjoy ourselves and not feel lonely throughout the event.

Reflection by: Syazwan (2E2)

Example 2: (Service)
After the Earth Hour event, I learnt that just one hour can make a difference and help saved electricity if everyone contributes. During the event, I thought of an idea of making a light stick ball that can be thrown to the crowd when the singer sang 'We are the world'. The idea was a success and I was happy. I hope they get my message of the ball representing Earth.

Everything was fine until the band performance. The pianist was injured due to hitting the ceiling when it was moving in the backstage storage room. Luckily the teachers and organizers were there to assist and called for an ambulance to send her to the hospital asap.

From this incident, I have also learnt that accidents can happen at any time and we can prevent by being careful.

Reflection by: Yong Ting (2E1)

Do include other items which are not listed as above if you have any.

Please submit the completed NYAA diary to Ms Ahny latest by Monday, 4 October 2010 (you have 12 days to complete) and put it in her pigeon hole.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Club.
This notification is for all Sec 1's only,and those who are interested too(:

As you have heard much about the Bedok Reservoir Photography Competition. ALL of you are gonna take part in it. No matter what track you're from. Just like 1 or 2 easy shots will do and some photoshop editing. Then you can submit your photos in.

This is compulsory and if you don't know anything or need help in terms of photoshop editing,camera needs or whatsoever,please come to me or Xihao or Mr Lam.

You can just stroll around Bedok Reservoir and take a few snaps. Try to do it before the term holiday ends. You have a few days left. Sorry for the late notice though.

The due date of this competition is 16th September,Thursday.
So please hurry!!
There are attractive prizes that you can keep too!! (:


Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey guys,if you're weren't notified,photography have changed from Thursday to Monday. So,erm,yes,please come on Mondays,3pm,at Computer Lab 4(:

Thank you,love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Physical Training (PT) on 12/8/10

Attention to all media club members. There will be PT on 12/8/10 Thursday. It begins at 3:30pm and would end at approximately 5:30pm. There will be games such as badminton and captains ball.. Please be in your PE attire. Attendance is compulsory unless you have a valid reason.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

National Day Hall Celebrations rehearsals on Wed 4 Aug 2010

AV members who are down for duty for the National Day Celebrations in the hall are to take note that there is a rehearsal tomorrow (Wednesday) after combined assembly. 3pm - 5.30pm 

Mr Lam

Photographer/Video Volunteers for YOG Torch Run event on 10 Aug 2010

I need 2 volunteers - 1 x photographer and 1 x videographer to cover the event which will happen on 10 August 2010 (Tuesday) in school from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. 

The volunteers will be given CIP hours for their duty for that day. 

Interested mediaclub members please let Mr Lam know by Thursday afternoon. I will arrange for you to bring a camera home on Friday over the holiday weekend.

Mr Lam

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Volunteers for creating games for Teachers' Day Dinner

Staff Welfare Committee need 4 volunteers from Media Club to help Ms. Dee prepare and create game activities for Teachers' Day dinner. The games will only be made known to these volunteers once they've signed up for them. These volunteers will work with Ms. Dee and other teachers to create a fun fill games to be used that evening.

Interested members please approach Mr Lam or look for Ms Dee by this coming Friday. thank you!

AV Duties for National Day Celebrations (6th Aug 2010 Friday)

Please check with Aiman for the most updated duty list for the AV duties for National Day Celebrations to be held on 6th August 2010.

Rehearsal dates for Parade @ Parade Square:

Friday 30 July 3pm onwards
                 Wednesday 4 August 3.30pm onwards

Mr Lam

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Article by students published at SchoolSportsSG

The team who went to KL to cover the 2nd ASEAN School Games 2010 last week (15 July - 19 July) had their article published at SchoolSportsSG website.

You can also read about what they did in the article published in The Straits Times tomorrow (21 July 2010)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st Photography Assignment for this term for photography members

Photography members do take note. Your assignment for this week is "Life as a Damaiian". Do submit 2 of your best shots to the Media Club Forum in Ask&Learn by this coming Friday. I will also be joining you for your photosubmissions. You just need to click on "Forum" after you login to the school's ask&learn portal where you can find the "Media Club Forum".

You should be able to do this assignment as this is what you do day in day out. Take meaningful and interesting pictures of you and your friend's life as a Damaiian.

Submission is compulsory for ALL members in the Photography Track. Borrow a camera from your friends and family members to take the pictures. If you do not do so, I take it that you are not interested in the photography track and wish to change to AV or some other CCA. 
Submission is this coming Saturday 12pm (Singapore Time) online.

This will be a weekly project for all of you photography track members. Look out for the next assignment next week in the forum.

Mr Lam

Photography track updates by Mr Lam

Members in the photography track take note. You guys (and gals) have been taking life rather easy this few months. Some of you do not turn up for CCA, do not take part in competitions and simply tell everyone that you are in photography and there are not enough School cameras to go round so you cannot take pictures.

Starting next Monday, this will be good news for you (and the rest of the photography track members)... New criterion for being a member of the Photography Track.

1) All Photography track members must have a personal camera. The personal camera can be a DSLR, a compact camera or even a handphone camera. But the camera should be capable of taking pictures that you can print up to 5R prints at least. (i.e. 4-5 megapixels at least)

2) All photography track member must get for themselves the following items:

    a. A thumb drive (size up to you) for storing and editing personal photographs.

    b. A SD card for storing photographs taken using the school’s camera. (you do not need this
        if you are using your own camera)

3) All Photography track members must take part and submit weekly photographs taken based on the theme given every week. Submission is done online at the school’s Ask&Learn Forum pages. Members must submit 2 of their best shots weekly. These shots will be moderated and discussed by teachers and fellow students. These can also be used for future photography competition (inter-school or international). You may get CCA points for participating and winning in such competitions.

4) There will be a Inter-School competition “Bedok Reservoir” which is organized by our school. All Damai Photography members must participate. Please let the other members know about this. You can take scenery pictures or interesting people or places and activities around Bedok Reservoir area.

Deadline for submission is on the first Friday of Term 4. (you have one week holiday break to select and photoshop the pictures for submission)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hi guys(:

Many of you missed the meeting on Thursday cos apparently Raj made some wrong announcements.
Anyway,I need to let you guys know some things. Please come for cca,cos the teachers are deciding to kick people out already. So please,your attendance needs to be at last 75%.

Also,the duty list is out. Please check for your name. If your friend;s not aware of it,please take the initiative to tell them. Attire and discipline,thats all we need. Simple enough right.

Next,the SECONDARY 4.
You are stepped down already. No more cca for you.
Hooray,all the best for Olevels.

I'm going to roughly type out whats going to happen the next 3 months for each track:
Animation & Videography - Clay Motion
Photograpy - Outing/Competitions
Robotics - Training/Building/Programming
AV - Clean up & Responsibility

In case you're not informed. Each member has to pay 6 bucks each term to club fund. So if you have not done so,please do it asap. We don't want to be loan sharks.

(: thanks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Duty List For Term 3

This is the Duty List For Term 3. It will take effect from 5 July onwards.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Media Club resumes

This is to inform all Sec 1-3 Media Club members that CCA resumes on 1st July 2010. Please meet at 3.30pm at Computer Lab 4.

Xue Kai :D =D =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heyy guys,as you know, there's a BBQ tomorrow.
And and.please come if you can.
If like you only can stay awhile,please just come and enjoy yourselves.
For those who haven't pay for the BBQ,you have to bring 6bucks and pay to Ms Ahny or to me.

The Details:

Time: 2pm-9pm
Venue: School Hall
Attire : P.e (bring extra clothes!)

Most importantly,bring your smiles! :D
Help me spread the message,thank you:)

NYP/MSN Photosynth School360 Photo Competition

Dear all, here is the submission from the 3 members who took part for the competition. You can click on the link below to view the photosynth online of our school's Harmony Room.

Link to Photosynth:

More info on the software:

Mr Lam

Friday, June 4, 2010

E4 Cluster Robotics Competition 2010

On 25 & 26 May, Damaians were competing against highly intelligent students from Dunman High, Chung Cheng High and Anglican High.

We won 2nd!

Our impressive students were:

3E1 Desmond Lee
2A1 Micky Xu
2E1 Tan Yong Ting
2E1 Lim Jun Sheng

1E1 Darren Goh
1E2 Edward Wong

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BBQ Gathering

Hey guys,

We will be having our BBQ gathering on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 from 3pm to 9pm instead of Thursday, 24th June 2010. So guys, please pass $6/- to Xue Kai or myself. For those who have not paid, please pay on that day itself. Do take the consent form from Mr. Lam, Mr. Ho or myself and simply submit them to your I/C or teachers. Alternatively, you can RSVP to our email at: to indicate that you will be coming, latest by Friday, 11th June 2010.

We're gonna have lots of fun! Your presence will make this gathering livelier. The more the merrier! And lastly, don't forget to bring extra clothes. We're gonna play some games..

Enjoy your holidays!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PLEASE READ!/event.php?eid=120189391355289 pls do log in to your facebook before entering this link to confirm your attendence for that event and other important info.pls do read the DETAILS OF EVENT IN LINK FOR SOME CLARIFICATION.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

No CCA on 24 May 2010

There will be no CCA next monday 24th May 2010.

ITE Inter-School Robotics Challenge 2010

There were 21 schools, 68 teams.
We won 3rd!

This beautiful trophy was the result of a team of 4 highly creative students, who impressed 3 highly critical judges on their highly creative design of a robot that could interact with humans...

The 4 students were:
3E3 Jonathan Mohan
3E1 Sean Tan Jun Hui
3E1 Nicholas Cheang You Zhi
2E1 Tan Yong Ting

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CCA Appreciation Day - 27th May 2010

Dear Sec 4/5 Media Club members and Committee members,

Please be present for the CCA Appreciation Day. ALL graduating members MUST be present for the event.

Date: 27/5/2010 (Thu)
Time: 2.30pm - 4pm
Venue: School Hall

Mr Lam

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming Events

The following students please meet at Computer Lab 4 on Thursday(20/5/10) at 2pm and Monday(24/5/10) . This is a compulsory Meeting.

Jonathan Mohan (Leader) - 3E3
Desmond Lee (Leader) - 3E1

Muhammad Haikal - 2A3
Muhammad Syaafi'i - 2A3
Micky Xu - 2A1
Christine Tin - 3E2

Monday, May 17, 2010

Upcoming Competiong/Events

This is a Compulsory Activities for all Media Club members.
Below are the Team Leaders and members list involve in I Sport Media Challenge.
Kindly report to Ms Ahny at 3 Pm on the respective date at Computer Lab 4

Tuesday 18/5/10
Aiman (Leader) - 3E4
Davis Loo - 2E2
Stanley See - 2E2
Li Xiang - 2E3

Wednesday 19/5/10
Xue Kai (Leader) - 3E2
Syazwan (Leader) - 2E2
Sean Tan - 3E1
Nicholas Cheang - 3E1
Ying Yi - 2A1
Ferlyn Tan - 2A1

Photography(8am-9.30am)(Look For Xi Hao)
Xi Hao (Leader) - 3E5
Sebastian Wong - 2E4

Thursday 20/5/10 (9am-10am)(Look For Xi Hao)
Xi Hao (Leader) - 3E5
Kaylin - 1E2

Friday 21/5/10
Kirk (Leader) - 3E2
Sebastian Wong - 2E4
Ashley Teo - 2E2
Sean Yeo -2E1
*Please report at 1 pm For Friday 21/5/10

Monday 24/5/10
Jonathan Mohan (Leader) - 3E3
Desmond Lee (Leader) - 3E1
Muhammad Haikal - 2A3
Muhammad Syaafi'i - 2A3
Micky Xu - 2A1
Christine Tin - 3E2

End of Semester Video Team Please report to Mr Ho at 2Pm on Wednesday(19/5/10) at Computer Lab 4

How Min (Leader) - 3E2
Daryl Wong (Leader) - 3E2
Nur Diyanah - 1E4
Darren Goh - 1E2
Amanda Chen - 3E5
Lynn Chen - 3E5
Yu Xuan - 3E5
Zahirah - 3E5

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey there. If you're reading this,I just want to tell you you're so awesome! And if you're not,you just missed out on a chance knowing that you are awesome :)

Anyway,here are some updates of CCA. So please help me spread the message. Thank you!


Please please please come with your hearts prepared and with an open mind. This term,we're gonna start on a new platform : Animating real life characters. This is really interesting,the leaders has gone through their training and are really excited for you guys to start learning bout this. This time it's going to be different,your hands are gonna get dirty,so please come and just enjoy yourself. Your purpose : HAVE FUN,seriously.

Secondly,THERE'S NO CCA ON 17MAY2010!! WHEE!

Except except for these people which I pity,the people involved in the Panasonic KWN Project.


Team 1
-Bilson Tan
-Aiman Faiz
-Ngan Xue Kai
-Teh Lesze
-Jonathan Mohan

Team 2
-Daryl Wong
-Cheong How Min
-Zhou Xi Hao
-Christine Tin

Note: This is compulsory.YOU ARE SPECIAL AND LOVED :) your effort will be paid off.


Few things to note:
1) It is from 2pm to 9pm
2) It is fully subsidised by the cca cos our sch is budget
3) It will be split into 2 segments
4) It is compulsory from 2pm to 5pm (this is the fun!)
5) It is optional from 6pm to 9pm (this is the bbq!)
6) It is a halal and non-halal bbq so no worries,we will manage the food properly.

I think thats about it. We'll be collecting a club fund soon,and please make sure you'll be free on 24th June. It is a compulsory event. We too need to know the number of people going,so just KEEP THAT DAY FREE. (:

Fourthly,for the publicity team.

Daryl and Nicholas,
Please meet Mr Ho on 20thMay (thurs) to have a short meeting with him in his office right after school.

Fifthly,for the iSport Media people.

Sorry to announce :
-Bilson Tan
-Ngan Xue Kai
-Kirk Chew
-Natasha (non-media club)

Please meet Mr Ho EVERYDAY AFTER SCHOOL from 17th to 27th May. I pity you. Jiayou!(:

Thats all for today,
spread the message my lovelies,
Lesze :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

resumation of CCA

CCA will resume as per normal from monday 17 May 2010 onwards. so please go for your respective cca tracks on the days..

Thank You!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for Sec 2 & 3 students for Photo360 Competition

I'm looking for 3 x Sec 2 and 3 x Sec 3 students to form 2 teams for the Photo360 Competition (by Microsoft & NYP).

These 2 teams of students will choose a theme from the competition, taking pictures from a single location. The team will then use the pictures to form a 360 degrees view of that location. Team has to attend a workshop to be familiarize with the Microsoft Photosynth Tool (last 2 weeks of May). Team also has to take pictures during the first 2 weeks of the school holiday. Submission will be done online by 21 June 2010.

You can find more information and last year's winning entries at this website:

Registration information will be at this website. Mr Lam will be the teacher going together with this 2 teams to take the photographs. (

Interested members please write down your names on the paper at Mr Lam's pigeon hole by next Monday (17 May 2010)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reminder: NAPFA Test for guys who attended Creative Advertising at NYP

Guys who attended the Creative Advertising last Wednesday, please take note that your NAPFA Test will be tomorrow, Monday, 26th April 2010. It will start at 2.30pm Please be ready by 2.20pm in the atrium.








Chang His






Desmond Lee



Daryl Wong



Kirk Chew



How Min



Xue Kai















Xi Hao


Friday, April 23, 2010

Reminder for NYP ppl NAPFA

All media club members who went to NYP on Wed, please take yr napfa test on monday if you have not done so..Please remember and there is no excuse of not going unless you have a medical certificate. Thank You


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Entries for SYPA 2010

Hi all,
Entries for the SYPA 2010 are coming in. I have been rushed to quickly send the photographs for printing. Here's the update.

1) So far, members who are participating are Xue Li, Jia Ning, Bilson, Yu Zhou, Lynn. (All of you participating already earned 1 participating CCA point by doing so. :-)  )

2) Photographs have been sent out for printing. Some have some back.

3) Most of the shops (including Popular) have ran out of mounting boards. I managed to book 20 pieces of the A2 white mounting boards but I can only collect them from Popular Simei on Thursday afternoon.

4) I need the students participating to write some comments on the photographs they are submitting for competition. The comments should be about 2 lines and should tell us where the picture was taken and why was it taken. These comments will be pasted at the back of the mounting boards before submitting on Friday.

5) I also need the 5 students to come down on Thursday afternoon at 3pm to mount their photos onto the mounting boards and to write down and paste the comments onto the back of each board.

6) These mounted photographs together with the entry forms MUST be delivered to SAFRA Mount Faber on Friday afternoon. So I need all your help in making sure point 3, 4 and 5 are done.

Mr Lam

Speech Day 2010 - Thank You!

First of all, I like to thank members who participated in this year's Speech Day 2010. You guys (and gals) really did a fantastic job making sure all performances ran smoothly that day.

Mr Toh especially reminded me twice to make sure I let you guys know that we did a wonderful job!!!

Special mention to Li Xiang for a good job as the 'curtain guy'. I know we all have been tough to you! :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last SpeechDay rehearsal tomorrow

To all members on Speech Day duty -
1) Please remember to be present for the last Speech Day rehearsal tomorrow after school.
2) Members on duty pls meet Mr Lam at 2.30pm at the Hall area for a short briefing before the rehearsal.
3) Tomorrow will be a full dress rehearsal. Please remember your duty.
4) Photographers and Video members pls remember to draw out the cameras (with tape & media cards) to take pictures and video. Photographers pls rehearse on taking prize presentation pictures.
5) I/Cs to report to Teacher I/Cs for those present / absent. All I/Cs must ensure all on duty to be present otherwise teamwork will be affected.
6) Teachers in charge of the following areas:
    Backstage/Control Room (Mic / AV System) = Mr Lee Liang Huat
    Backstage/Control Room (Laptop / Screen / Projector) = Mr Victor Lam
    Logistics @ Backstage = Mr Zaid
    Logistics & AV Support @ Atrium and Parade Square = Mr Seethor
    Photography / Video = Mr Johnny Ho

Mr Lam

New South Wales IT Skills Competition

Dear all Sec 2 members,

The NSW Competition will be held on 13 April 2010, Tuesday.

The venue is Computer Lab 4. The test will begin at 3.30pm. Please report by 3.15pm.

There will be 45 MCQs and the duration of the test is 45 mins.

Good luck. All the best guys!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CCA this thursday 8th April 2010

The P.T on thursday 8/4/10 is canclled. Therefore, there will be CCA only for the robotics members who are participating in the competition to stay back. The rest of the tracks will not have CCA on that day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Speech Day 2010 - Update 5 April 2010

Here are the updates to SpeechDay:

1) Members on duty, please remember to be present this Tuesday and Thursday for the rehearsal. Hall setup to be ready by 2.15pm. Prize winners will be present first for the rehearsal. Please take turns in going for your lunch tomorrow. (Mr Lee Liang Huat on Mon & Tue MC - I/Cs pls take over)

2) Logistics - We need 10 members doing logistics at the backstage for SpeechDay. Currently 6, we need another 4 more. Members can come from any tracks. Preferably guys. Just need to be present for both rehearsals and actual day. Interested members pls look for Aiman and Sebastian.

3) Change in Hall Programme -
    Hall programme has changed. We will start with GuZheng first, then proceed to the 2 Dance numbers. GOH will leave for the Student Activity Centre opening. After that, Choir will perform, followed by Singer. Then end of Speech Day. (I/Cs pls take note of change)

Friday, April 2, 2010

monday and thursday games

all media club members please bring your pe for both thursday and monday. please attend both days of the cca(note this is compulsory).

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Physical Training Next Week

Attention to all media club members: There will be a physical training(PT) next week both on the monday and thursday, 5th April and 8th april 2010. However, those participating in the robotcs compeition do not have to attend the P.T on thursday but have to be present on Monday.. For those who do not know what it is, it is where everyone will participate in exercises and games physically..Attendance is compulsary and its gonna be lots of fun..Can be assured.. Also, please be in your PE ATTIRE and report at Com Lab 4 at 3:30pm..Thank You.

There will be CCA for the robotics and photography people this thursday 1st April 2010 too..Not april fooling arh..


Duty List for Damai SpeechDay 2010

Dear all,

Here's the duty list for the speech day 2010. Remember to be present for tomorrow's rehearsal. Meet at hall at 3pm.

Mr Lam

Monday, March 29, 2010

Term 2 Duty List

Update on NYAA

Dear NYAA participants,

Section: Skills

To prepare you for the New South Wales (NSW) IT Skills Competition on 13 April 2010, there will be trainings every Monday and Thursday starting from Monday, 29 March 2010 from 3.00 to 3.30pm in Computer Lab 4 conducted by Mr. Johnny Ho.

Attendance will be taken.

Section: Service

Members who attended the Earth Hour last Saturday, please reflect on the event – what was done, share your thoughts and feelings, what you have learnt from it. Since you have not received your Award Diary at this moment, please write down on a foolscap paper. There are no limitations to the number of words.

Submit your reflections to me for checking by next Monday, 5 April 2010. You have the whole week to do and therefore, I don’t wish to chase after you as all of you are already in Sec 2 and I know you are independent and initiative.

Members who did not attended the Earth Hour, do not worry. You can use PCIP and record down your learning points. If you have any doubts, please see me for clarification.

NYAA Programme

Dear all Sec 2 members,

Just to share with all of you, the aim of the NYAA Programme is to encourage and motivates you to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to yourself, society and the nation.

The criteria are self-improvement and effort. Attainment of awards will be reflected in testimonial and CCA report.

Through this programme, you will learn life-long skills that you may apply in your future endeavors. I believe that all of you are capable, adventurous and full with determination! Just have fun!

Sections of the Award:

As all of you know, there are 4 sections, as shown below:





To learn how to give useful service to others

15 hours of service over 3 months

Adventurous Journey

To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery while undertaking a journey in a group

2 days outdoor includes 1 night in shelter or tent and 12 hours of effort and activities


To encourage the development of personal interest, creativity or practical skills

Pursue a skill regularly for at least 6 months

Physical Recreation

To encourage participation in physical recreation and to show an improvement of performance

20 hours over 8 weeks.

Progress Chart:


Opportunity within CCA


Earth Hour / PCIP

Adventurous Journeys

To be confirmed in Term 3


New South Wales IT Skills Competition

Physical Recreation

Students’ own choice and interest.

Some examples of recreational activities includes:

Aerobics, badminton, bowling, dancing, martial arts, running (preparation for Cross Country), rock climbing, yoga, basketball (preparation for Interhouse Games) and swimming.

Note: PE and TAF are not included.

Record of Achievement:

You should reflect on your activities and record your thoughts, feelings and what you’ve learnt in the Award Diaries (will be given to you once ready).

All completed section must be endorsed by your instructors or myself.

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