Friday, November 20, 2009

Banner design selections

For next year's CCA Exhibition,we will be using a banner so all the selected 13 leaders pls go to to choose your favourite one and vote for it.

Sean :D

CCA Exhibition Blog link changed to

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Media Club Meeting :: 01-1109


The following leaders, please be informed that there is a Club meeting:

  • Ngan Xue Kai
  • Daryl Wong
  • Aiman Faiz
  • Zhou Xi Hao
  • Teh Lesze
  • Jonathan
  • Cheong How Min
  • Sean Tan
  • Desmond Lee
  • Bilson Tan
  • Nicholas
  • Christine
  • Amanda
  • Johann
1) CCA Exhibition 2010
2) SOP of AV Support for Backstage & Control Room
3) Media Club Blog & Noticeboard Design

Venue: Computer Lab 4
Date: 16 Nov 2009, Monday 17 Nov 2009, Tuesday
Time: 9:30am
Attire: Half-U

Please take note of the meeting agenda and be prepared to give out ideas. Bring along papers and pen to take down notes. (:


Monday, November 9, 2009

Photography Competitions for 2010

Hi all Media Club members,
There are 2 photography competitions that I would like our members to join. There will be participation CCA points even if you do not win any prizes.
They are:

1) Photo Journal Competition "Clean and Green Singapore, You and Me"
2) Singapore Young Photographer Award 2010

Requirement for the competitions as follows:
1) Photo Journal Competition "Clean and Green Singapore, You and Me"
  • Submit a series of photographs (3-5 photos)
  • Photographs should clearly dipict a story based on the theme of the competition.
  • A writeup of not more than 300 words to be submitted together with captions for each photograph.
  • Participants can submit an entry as a group but the group will be counted as a single entity during the selection process.
  • Photographs must be saved in .jpeg or .tiff format (minimum 500kb).
  • Deadline of submission to the competition is Friday 8 Jan 2010 (mediaclub will need to compile your submission on the first week of school in 2010)
2) Singapore Young Photographer Award 2010 (
  • Participants to submit 1 set of prints consisting 6 prints that must cover at least 4 of the following 8 subject matters:

A. Abstract
B. Architecture / Buildings
C. Children at play
D. People at work
E. Portrait(s)
F. Nature
G. Still Life
H. Night Scene

  • The set of 6 images can be in colour or monochrome. They can be shot in or out of Singapore.
  • The print size for submission must be either 8" by 10" or 8" by 12" (8R sized). (Photographs should be at least 1MB in size for suitable printing) The images must be printed by photographic lab process. Each print should be individually mounted on black mounting board. At the back of each board, clearly affic the following information:

· Photographer’s Name
· NRIC / Passport Number
· Address
· Contact Number
· Email address
· Subject matter (from the 8 categories listed)
· Title of entry
· A brief description of where and when the picture was taken.

  • Participants can use any type or brand of camera and/or film. However, only hard copy prints will be accepted.
  • Submission for the competition is 17 April 2010. (Mediaclub must receive your submission by 01 April 2010 for compilation)
Media Club will pay for the printing of the photographs you have taken.

In the meantime, take as many photographs as you want and we can select your best copies for submission for these 2 competitions.

Do check on the SYPA website for more information.

Have a good holiday and continue to take many many nice pictures!!!
Mr Lam