Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reminder: Use of school keys and AV duties matter

Dear members,

This is a reminder for every student doing AV duties (Morning duties, Hall Assemblies, etc) to do the following:

- Do only draw the keys (AV cabinet, Backstage, Control Room) out from the office no more than half hour before the duty starts.

- To go to the hall for AV duty 30 minutes before assembly starts. (unless you have a test or something very important during that time. Do inform your other duty members about it beforehand.)

- Inform ASAP to Mr Lee Liang Huat for any faulty equipment or additional equipment needed but not present. Alternatively let Mr Lee Kwei Wei or Mr Victor Lam know.

- Make sure all CDs and equipment are placed back to original location after use. (so that the next group on duty knows where to find them)

- Return the keys back to the drawer in the general office after everything is packed up. (DO NOT BRING HOME!!!)

We need all members to help make sure all these are done so that we are supporting one another.

Mr Lam

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