Monday, March 29, 2010

NYAA Programme

Dear all Sec 2 members,

Just to share with all of you, the aim of the NYAA Programme is to encourage and motivates you to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to yourself, society and the nation.

The criteria are self-improvement and effort. Attainment of awards will be reflected in testimonial and CCA report.

Through this programme, you will learn life-long skills that you may apply in your future endeavors. I believe that all of you are capable, adventurous and full with determination! Just have fun!

Sections of the Award:

As all of you know, there are 4 sections, as shown below:





To learn how to give useful service to others

15 hours of service over 3 months

Adventurous Journey

To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery while undertaking a journey in a group

2 days outdoor includes 1 night in shelter or tent and 12 hours of effort and activities


To encourage the development of personal interest, creativity or practical skills

Pursue a skill regularly for at least 6 months

Physical Recreation

To encourage participation in physical recreation and to show an improvement of performance

20 hours over 8 weeks.

Progress Chart:


Opportunity within CCA


Earth Hour / PCIP

Adventurous Journeys

To be confirmed in Term 3


New South Wales IT Skills Competition

Physical Recreation

Students’ own choice and interest.

Some examples of recreational activities includes:

Aerobics, badminton, bowling, dancing, martial arts, running (preparation for Cross Country), rock climbing, yoga, basketball (preparation for Interhouse Games) and swimming.

Note: PE and TAF are not included.

Record of Achievement:

You should reflect on your activities and record your thoughts, feelings and what you’ve learnt in the Award Diaries (will be given to you once ready).

All completed section must be endorsed by your instructors or myself.

You may check out at for more info.

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