Sunday, March 7, 2010

CCA meeting on Monday 8 March 2010

There will be CCA meeting for all tracks on Monday at com lab 4 at 3.30pm. The agenda is:
  1. Earth Hour Participation - We are looking for members to join in for this year's Earth Hour Celebrations. The celebrations will be on 27 March 2010 (Saturday) starting from 12.30pm and will run till 10.30pm. Dinner will be provided. Members joining will earn CIP hours for the event (I think it's about 9 hours of CIP).
    All members interested in participating pls let Le Sze, Aiman and Xue Kai know as they are collecting the names for the event. 
  2. Earth Hour AV team - We need members to assist in setting up and running that night's event. Support will be needed from 11am to 11pm (Setup and Packup). Support team will earn 12 hours of CIP hours for the event.
    Members interested in supporting the event pls give your names to Aiman and Kirk.
  3. NSW IT Skills Competition - NSW IT Skills Competition is in early April this year. We are in the mist of collecting names for those members who are interesting in joining for the competition. The competition will be done in the school. It is a 45mins multiple choice theory test. Members who participated may be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze awards (will be given participation and achievement CCA points) depending on how well the results are.
    This competition is open to ALL members. Members interested in doing the competition pls approach Ms Hildahny or Mr Seethor so that they can include you in the list. We need to send out the confirmed list by this Wednesday.

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