Thursday, April 23, 2009

I finally got some time to really blog about my feelings. Phew, don't blame me if i'm naggy (last time already). Anyway, thankyou secondary 3's leaders for putting in the effort in doing the video for the seniors. Farewell party too. Greatly appreciated. (:

Thanks for your days in cca, although the days are short as we just combined with each other during the start of the year. You guys are pretty noisy at times and we leaders have to keep scolding and scolding, however all those days were awesome. Please lower down your volume ok? Leaders will have difficulty trying to tell you guys something. Now all seniors step down already, sec 3 leaders are on your own already. You guys need to grow up already arh! Make your own decision at times. ( we leaders don't wish to hear complains hor! :D) 

Anyway, please die die invite as back for anything big eg. camps. And I also want to come back for next year secondary 4's farewell party! :D HAHA, wanna take revenge mah. :x (just kidding).

Last but not least, mid year is just next week. Work hard for your midyear, hope you guys can score flying colours in your results! 3 cheers for mediaclub! :D


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