Monday, April 13, 2009

thanks god u guys havent change the account password..

anyways..i would like to thanks all those who had came today..
and of cos those who had helped with the food and water bombs..
i really had great fun very very very wet..lols..
first time i really got so wet sia..
haha..but we all seniors not bad rite?..
we actually stole the flour tt johann bought specially for us, seniors..
wahaha! then we sabo-ed back on them xD
hopefully the rest of the pictures wouldnt be so........bahs..haha!

i would like to say thanks and sorry..

thanks for everything..
these 3years..going 4years in cca..
all the ups and downs..
i'll doubt i will ever forget today.
shldnt spend so much lahs...hahas..

sorry for naggy so much..
i mean what i say thru the mike today..
especially to the leaders...
hope i didnt give u guys too much stress..
guess i over naggy and over worried le bahs =P

well, i believe u guys can do it..
so, jiayous and all the best u whatever u all do alright?..
enjoy ur seconday life immensely..
cos all these days will be gone before u realised..
so, why not create the best moments out of it?..

thats my opinion lahs..
so erms, i guess this is probably the last thing i want to tell u guys..(finally?..LOLS.)

your ex-vicechair
JasmineN xD

ps..cannot put this post in mediaclub blog..i dunno the password-.- lols.

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