Thursday, February 26, 2009


Okay updating this blog.
Today,there is a new trainer called Mr Andrew Chin.Hopefully he can help us in training the sec 1s,2s and 3s.Today robotics members were told to complete a mission.Sadly we couldn't complete it due to the time but we will continue Next week.Today the Sec 3s found 4 parts and everyone have to do 40 Squats.Everyone was told to go out to do the squats some Sec 3s did not do so and did the Punishment in It room 2.And were later scolded by Mr Lee -_-!!!

CCA Updates:
There is No CCA On Monday Due to Science Common Test.
CCA wil REsume on:
Thursday 5th of March 2009
3.30Pm @ IT Room 2

Good luck to your Science Common Test On Monday^^
Signing Off;
JK aka Joon Kiat

seems like there is 6 sec 1s visiting this blog^^^ hope there will be more viewing this blog ^^

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