Thursday, February 5, 2009

CCA updates

So how was CCA Today??Fun? Boring? wadever u think i still think today was Fun^^
Water bombs So i was wondering who was dry and remembered 1 Sec 1 did not play . Left out ....cause he never bring Pe attire.
Other than him i guess everyine is WETT.
And How Min becareful next time okays? Hope u Get well Soon..
CCA Reminder
Monday 9th Feb 2009
IT Room 2
3Pm (3.05 latest)(Late Comer will be punished.)
Attire Uniform/Half Uniform
And i will like to WElCOME 13 Sec 1 To Com Club
and also 11 sec 1 to Av Club

Signing Off,
JK-Joon Kiat-JK

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