Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi Robotics Media Club,

I Think This Is My First Time Posting On The Official Media Club Robotics.
Hope The Change In CCA Name Will Not Change The Spirit Of Robotics Media Club Aren't We!!
Hope All Robotics, Racers and AV Members Will Work Hand In Hand Together In The Future!

Okay, Stop All My Encouraging Words.
I'm Just Dropping By To Give A Piece Of Advice To All Robotics Media Club Members, Please Inform All Members To See This Post.

I'm Quite Worried About The Unity Of The Current Robotics Media Club Members. I've Been Very Busy For The Time Being So i Do Not Have The Time To Come Down And Visit You All. Anyway, I What I Wanted To Say Is, Hope In Robotics, Everyone Could Give Each Other Some Respect. Don't Take Each Others' Respect For Granted. Regardless of Seniors or Juniors or Teacher I/C, We All Have To Give Each Other Some Mutual Respect. If Teacher Is Talking, Pay Full Attention And Listen. If Chair/Vice-Chair Is Talking, Quiet And Listen To Them. If Juniors Are Trying To Give Some Feedback Or Comments, Listen To Them. Regardless Who It Is Who Wants To Convey A Message Or Trying To Announce Something, Stop Your Work And Listen To Them. Think In Their Position, If You Are The One Wanted To Convey Something To Everyone And No One Is Listening To You, What Will you Feel? If You Want Respect From Others, First You Have To Respect Them, I Believe Everyone Of You Have Heard This Before. Learn to Listen, Speak Only When Necessary.

This Is Not Targeting Any Individuals But To Everyone Of You. Remember This, We Are One As A Family, We Work Together Under One Roof. We Have To Be United As One, Show Other CCAs That We Robotics Are United And Strongly Bonded Together. Accepting Each Others Character, Changing For The Better. Prove To The Others That We Robotics Are The Best!!

Another Thing, I Believe The Media Club Camp Is Coming Soon This March Right? This Is The Best Chance To Prove Our Unity And Strong Bonding Among Us And It Is Also The Best Chance For Robotics, Racers & AV To Work Together As One Media Club. Remember This, Regardless Of How Much Unhappiness You Are Not To Work With Each Others, You Still Have To Accept His/Her Character, Or Maybe If Someone Give You An Advice Regards To Your Char, Think Over It And Change If It Will Make You To Be A Better Person. The Outside Society Is Just The Same, You Will Have To Learn To Face It Sooner Or Later, So Why Not Now? I Sincerely Hope The Gap Between The 3 Tracks Will Be Minimised And Of Course, No Gap Between The Robotics Family Alright!! Show The Sec 1s How United We Would Be!!

I'll End My Post Here, There Again, Please Spread To All Members To Read About My Post And Think Through Again On The Future Robotics. Good Luck To All Of Your Studies And The Co operations Between The 3 Tracks.

Signing Off
JW Lim

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