Saturday, December 13, 2008

CCA Outing

Hey Guys!
Another Friday had passed.
We had a robotics outing today at ECP.
Just gonna have a summarise of what happenned today! (:

Well, although today last minute there's some last minute back out.
But the 7 of us still had fun today!
We meet in Macdonald's, Chit chat awhile.
And we head on to the bicycle kiosk and rent our bike.
JoonKiat, Edison, YongHeng, Desmond, ChangHsi, WeiLiong and CheeBeng went cycle the whole stretch of ECP together.
Although it's quite tiring and our butt was in pain.
But it's still worth the fun we had altogether!!

Had our dinner at Mac, as all of us were too tired to walk to lagoon and have seafood there.
Haha. No la.
Then we went to LAN shop.
Some wanted to play DOTA, but WeiLiong doesn't know how to play.
So, we played Condition Zero for the first hour.
Well, of course, the most flags was still Edison.
Haha. Best player la hor. (:
After that WeiLiong, CheeBeng and YongHeng went home first.
The rest continue their DOTA-ING!!!

Haha, so here's our another robotics outing. (:
Hope to have another robotics outing soon with more people getting into the fun.
Well, planning in progress.
Haha. (:

Anyway, don't forget about the upcoming meeting for the CCA Orientation.
Must go ar!! (:

WeiLiong, JW

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