Thursday, August 14, 2008

Robo Challenge @ ITE 15/08/2008

This is my first post, We may die at that competition!!!! A Lot of unexpected BAD things pop out at the last minute.Firstly, some of our Sec 1 members accidentally dismantled Yong Heng Group's robot.Now they have to rebuild it!!!!!Secondly,Edison Robot's RCX crash(spoil) resulting in losing the firmware.They have to use another RCX(the lousy 1 that take a few hours to download the firmware).As it is too long to download the firmware Edison had to take home the Labtop,RCX and I-R tower(not sure how to spell).Thirdly(worst of all),i just found out, The I-R tower's cable that Edison brought home Melted !!!!! Now,He is Unable to download the firmware to the RCX. Lets hope that everything goes well for us for tomorrow's competition. I also hope that we can win some Awards for the school as Robotics have no much accomplishment for this year. I also Hoped that all goes well for our competition tomorrow.I shall Update on how we did tomorrow

Signing off,
Joon Kiat

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