Monday, August 18, 2008


Damai Robotics Slacked today...We listened to Mr Kang(Trainer) as he Debrief us and ask for suggestion on how to improve our CCA.Well there is quite a lot of ideas including a CCA T-Shirt.
We were all told to coe out will a T-Shirt Design each while Mr Kang ask us some Question on 'DISC'. Our Senior then told us that we were to packed up our Robotics Set on Thursday >_<...No running away,as even if u run away on Thursday u will still have to packed up some other days which is worst as u maybe packing up alone by yourselves. And to Every1 that have access to this Blog Pls leave ur name in every post and also in Tag Box. That about all for today .

Signing Off,
Joon Kiat

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