Monday, May 17, 2010

Upcoming Competiong/Events

This is a Compulsory Activities for all Media Club members.
Below are the Team Leaders and members list involve in I Sport Media Challenge.
Kindly report to Ms Ahny at 3 Pm on the respective date at Computer Lab 4

Tuesday 18/5/10
Aiman (Leader) - 3E4
Davis Loo - 2E2
Stanley See - 2E2
Li Xiang - 2E3

Wednesday 19/5/10
Xue Kai (Leader) - 3E2
Syazwan (Leader) - 2E2
Sean Tan - 3E1
Nicholas Cheang - 3E1
Ying Yi - 2A1
Ferlyn Tan - 2A1

Photography(8am-9.30am)(Look For Xi Hao)
Xi Hao (Leader) - 3E5
Sebastian Wong - 2E4

Thursday 20/5/10 (9am-10am)(Look For Xi Hao)
Xi Hao (Leader) - 3E5
Kaylin - 1E2

Friday 21/5/10
Kirk (Leader) - 3E2
Sebastian Wong - 2E4
Ashley Teo - 2E2
Sean Yeo -2E1
*Please report at 1 pm For Friday 21/5/10

Monday 24/5/10
Jonathan Mohan (Leader) - 3E3
Desmond Lee (Leader) - 3E1
Muhammad Haikal - 2A3
Muhammad Syaafi'i - 2A3
Micky Xu - 2A1
Christine Tin - 3E2

End of Semester Video Team Please report to Mr Ho at 2Pm on Wednesday(19/5/10) at Computer Lab 4

How Min (Leader) - 3E2
Daryl Wong (Leader) - 3E2
Nur Diyanah - 1E4
Darren Goh - 1E2
Amanda Chen - 3E5
Lynn Chen - 3E5
Yu Xuan - 3E5
Zahirah - 3E5

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sebastwong said...

what the hell is this?!
Look for xi hao?? Can skip class ar?