Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CIP - Packing for FOBT Kits for Cancer Society (Updated)

Dear members,

This is the latest update I have gotten from Mdm Siti.

"The packing will start on Wednesday(27/01/2010) immediately after school. Students can have a quick lunch and after that meet at D&T resource room (ground floor beside Kitchen1) at 2.45pm.

Ms Nurul & Ms Atiqah will guide the students what to do. It will continue throughout this week & next week and hopefully they can complete by next Friday. The Cancer Society can deliver 5000 more kits once they complete the first 5000."

So members who are keen to help and those who needed CIP hours for this year please do help to support this CIP exercise. Make sure you sign-in and sign-out on those days you are there.

Mr Lam

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