Thursday, January 29, 2009

CCA Reminders

Okay so there is no CCA today and i know that my last post was very late so some of u did not get the message.If u stayed Back today then so sorry.And is everyone excited about meeting the Sec 1 Juniors.Well i can say that most of us is.
Upcoming Events:
CCA On Monday(2nd Febuary 2009)
At Performance Theatre/Av Theatre
Meeting at 3pm
Please Dun be Late and leave a bad expression for the Sec 1s on that day
And Late Comers Will Be Punished By Mr Lee.
It Will Not Be nice getting punish on the 1st day the sec 1 come in
P.S. Those Going Lan Please come back to school in time(this include both the Seniors and the Juniors) I guess u know who i am refering to. No offence.

Got To Go
Signing Off,
JK-Joon kiat

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