Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CCA BBQ Travel

In case you guy blur then lost.
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Route one
Start Destination:
Damai Secondary School4800 Bedok Reservoir RoadSingapore 479229 You need to take 2 different services to reach your destination

Proceed to Bedok Reservoir Road - blk 716, (Stop Number: 84629) and board service number 228

You will travel for an estimate of 7.72 km before reaching your next stop.

Alight at Bedok North Avenue 1 - bedok Int, (Stop Number: 84009) which is the 20th stop. Take service number 401 at the same stop.

Travel for another 6.52 km estimate before reaching your next stop.

Alight at East Coast Park Service Road - regent Bowl, (Stop Number: 92289) which is the 15th stop.

Route two
Bus 196 and 197 with bring you to Parkway Parade then you have to walk toward NTUC the cross the bridge. DO TAKE bus 401 cos . There is no service on Monday-Friday.

Route three
Taxi a better way to travel there.
Don't get lost.

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